Exploring Equality & Defining Differences

Marriage Forum, 8 August 2015

A Marriage forum on Exploring Equality & Defining Differences will be held at St Patrick's Cathedral Hall, 1 Marist Place, Parramatta this Saturday August 8th from 3pm - 5pm.

How is someone else’s marriage your business?

Love is love – why is the Catholic Church opposed to equality?

Why should the Church have any say on marriage as a civil institution?

Parish Stewardship Program 2015

The OUR PARISH Stewardship Program 2015 and the renewal of our parish begins today!

It is a time for us to look at Christian Stewardship as a way of living. To nurture the many gifts and talents we have been given and return them with thanks to the Lord. Each of us has something to offer. All sections of the parish can help in some way: Young, Older, School Families, Singles, new parishioners and long term members. Did you collect your postcard from weekend Mass?

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2 August 2015

From the Dean’s desk…

The Book of Exodus tells of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery and persecution under Pharaoh in Egypt under the ministry of Moses. It recounts the great departure of these people from Egypt as they are guided by God, through Moses and Aaron to the Promised Land. It is not a simple or easy trek. In fact it is a journey fraught with both rebellion and faith. It relates some of the most intimate moments between God and his people as well as some of the most distant experiences. It describes the highs and lows of being in relationship with God. In Exodus there is a continual undercurrent of complaint on the part of the people. When things fail to turn out the way they expected, the people turn to Moses and grumble, quite stating that things were better when they were in Egypt. At least there they had enough food and water! They failed to understand that even though they were well provided for by the Egyptians, they still were their slaves!

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 26 July 2015

From the Dean’s desk…

Beginning today and for the next four Sundays we interrupt the continual reading of Mark’s Gospel, with the inclusion of the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John. This chapter deals with the feeding of the multitude and has a very important and central theme of the Eucharist: with regard to belief in, and participation of, the Body and Blood of Christ. The gospel selection for these Sundays is as follows:

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 12 July 2015

From the Dean’s desk….

At the beginning of each school year I am usually involved in the blessing and presentation of badges to the members of the School Representative Council, various school leaders and other people in rep-resentative positions. Usually this is accompanied by a commissioning prayer or ceremony, where the leaders are asked to be faithful to the principles of the school, to uphold their rules and to also lead others to be good members of the school community. They pledge that they will lead by example.


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