Holy Communion

Holy Communion

The Eucharist is the sacrament of bread and wine and is celebrated as part of the Mass. Catholics also call this communion and it is the high point of a Catholic's spiritual life. Catholics believe the bread and the wine become Jesus. For Catholics this is more than a symbol it is a real presence of Jesus in the appearance of bread and wine.

The Eucharist is the spiritual food that connects the receiver to Christ. The person receiving the Eucharist is also connected to all the people. The Eucharist is soul-food that helps a Catholic live out the promises made at their baptism.

-Fr Thomas Bokenkotter "The Eucharist" Catholic Update St Anthony Messenger Press

Preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation for children already baptised

Preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation for children already baptised is a parish-based family centred process.

The time to do this is when you observe that your young child is able to consistently ‘discern’ right from wrong. That is, that the child is able to reach an acceptance that the action performed, or not performed, was inappropriate and that the child is able to acknowledge this situation. Generally, most children reach this stage around the eighth year of age or the third year of schooling.

Here at St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish the process of preparation begins around the second half of the year. Information sessions (Enquiry Time) are held at the parish, usually in the Cathedral Hall. These sessions provide the information parents need to continue the process of bringing the child to full initiation within the Faith Community. In May and June, the parish publishes notices when these gatherings will take place.

Request for enrolment in the parish based process takes place following the information session. Enrolment takes place during a Sunday Liturgy.

The Process cont inues with a reflection on the Sacrament of Baptism, which is the foundation of all the Sacraments. This time enables the child to reconnect through conversations with those family members and others who were present at the time of Baptism. We encourage parents to share videos and photographs, memorabilia and gifts, candles, robes and certificates which relate to the day of Baptism.

Parents are assisted by the Sacrament Team to guide the child through a reflective process which enriches the knowledge and understanding of the Sacrament. This ‘conversation’ also provides a first hand opportunity for parents to share their own Faith experiences with the child.

Confirmation and Holy Communion are dealt with in a similar manner.

Sacramental program registration

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